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Self Care Strategies

The weekend can be used as a period to Rest & Reset after a busy work week. So take time out for yourself and do 1 thing that helps your mental health every weekend. Simple activities that promote well being; also impact our response to daily disappointments. Self-care is not about lazy Sundays spent binge watching Netflix or scrolling through your FB feed mindlessly, looking at photos that others have put up.

A Do-Not-Do List- These are as important as your To-Do Lists if not more. So no cribbing, bitching behind someone’s back, etc…no, theyre not therapeutic.

Unplug…& Recharge- Turn off social media alerts and unfollow those that don’t make you feel good about yourself.

Time Out- to paint, dance, sing…do whatever you enjoy

Say No to Comparisons-
So you might have done a decent enough job and wrapped up a project; valid enough reason to feel good and give yourself a pat on the back. But looking at another colleagues success makes us feel less about our own.

Be Kind to Your Mind- we are our own biggest critics and it’s good to shut that critic up every once in a while. Talk to yourself the way you would to friend who isn’t feeling good. So close this week with a big hug and love and credit to yourself.