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Chronic Headaches: How Much Do You Know?

Most people have headaches from time to time and usually require no medical attention; however a daily/almost daily headache is definitely a cause for worry. Consult a Psychiatrist if:
1. You usually have two or more headaches a week
2. You take a pain reliever for your headaches on most days
3. You need more than just one tablet of pain killer to relieve your headaches
4. Your headache pattern changes or your headaches worsen
5. Your headaches are disabling and you are unable to get on with daily life.

Both Migraine as well as Tension Type headache are extremely common and can run a chronic disabling course.

Tension-Type Headache may have a presentation with:
1. Pain that affects both sides of the head
2. Pain that feels pressing or tightening
3. Tenderness to touch on the head

Migraines tend to have the following features:
1. Affect one side or both sides of your head
2. Have a pulsating, throbbing sensation
3. Cause moderate to severe pain
4. Are aggravated by routine physical activity

And they cause at least one of the following:
1. Nausea, vomiting or both
2. Sensitivity to light and sound
3. Irritability/ anxiety/sadness/mood swings