Video therapy is a convenient and affordable way to access psychological help anywhere in the world without needing to commute. One can access it through a personal computer, a tablet or a smartphone at home or other private location where there is good Internet access.

Video therapy is convenient for people that have difficulty travelling to appointments either through distance, mobility problems, childcare commitments or a busy work schedule. It is also, therefore, more affordable. Common problems such as Depression, Worry Stress, Sexual concerns etc can all be worked with and managed through video therapy. Research has shown that video therapy can be particularly useful where feelings of shame/guilt or embarrassment make it difficult for a person to attend appointments. The aim of video therapy is to provide you with a psychological consultation in the same way as attending a physical appointment. Through Skype or Face Time, you will be able to interact with the therapist in much the same way as when you go to a clinic for consultation. Instead of arriving for an appointment, you simply connect with the therapist online.

Who gets therapy?

People of all ages come to therapy to find answers, resolutions and education on sexual health and wellbeing. Therapy is a valuable tool that can help with a wide range of concerns such as:

Sexuality and Parenting
Self Esteem
Body Image Issues
Sexual Identity Issues

Erectile Dysfunction
Premature /Delayed Ejaculation
Sexual Compulsivity

Mismatched Libido
Dyspareunia (Painful sex)
Stress and Anxiety Sex and conceiving

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